Media Expert Tasks African Journalists on Development Reporting

Media Expert Tasks Africa Journalists on Development Reporting

By Habila Victor, Kaduna

Journalist around Africa have been charged to embrace development journalism and focus on national development, especially in under-developed countries in the continent.

Executive Director of Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF), Iliya Kure, gave the charge in his remark at the Opening of Africa Conference on Development Journalism (#ACDJ2020) held via Zoom and Livestreamed on Facebook Page.

Kure, said all the people have been seeing in African media is greater attention to political leaders and markets, instead of issues that affects the common man, saying that as professionals, development journalism is what Africa need to move the continent ahead.

He explained that AMDF’s vision is to ensure that all Journalists who participated in the conference are motivated to start writing stories that will lead to positive government policies, programmes and actions in favour of citizens.

According to him; “Journalists should focus on stories that gives voice to the voiceless, monitor and evaluate public programmes and policie and follow-up on stories to ensure that public pronouncements by officials are translated into actions”.

“The theme for this year is “Emerging Technologies and Future of Development Journalism”. No doubt we are witnessing the emergence of new technologies that are beginning to change the way things are done. One of these technologies is the blockchain technology, which allows digital information to be recorded and distributed”.

“AMDF thought it is time to give us a head start, to understand how these technologies work and how they will impact on the practice of journalism and use of other media, hence the theme”. He said.

Mr Kure further expressed that AMDF has noted with concern the increasing cases of attack on press freedom on the continent, saying many African leaders are working hard to muzzle the press and stifle freedom of expression in the continent.

He stated that Journalism exists to promote freedom of speech and absence of press freedom and free speech is absence of every form of God given freedom.

He implored leaders in Africa that has problem with any journalism report, not to abuse power by using agents to terrorise journalists or media houses, saying they can legitimately seek justice at the courts of law.

The Executive Director tasked journalists to continue their work professionally and never bow down to pressure.


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