‘Lazy Youths’: Arewa Youths Lambast Buhari, Says President Should be Ashamed

Arewa Youths Forum (AYF), has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari, for calling Nigerian Youths lazy and illiterate.
AYF President, Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu, in a Press Statement, made available to journalists in Kaduna on Friday, said Buhari should be ashamed that as President he has not been able to provide solution to any problem facing the country.
According to him, “this government should be ashamed of itself that In stead of finding ways of making its youthful population active and contributing to the socio economic development of the country, the president had to out to other climes to vilify the youths, very unfortunate indeed.
“Nigerian youths that we know are hard working and very resourceful.
“However, this government has been trying its best to make Nigerian youths lazy by impoverishing them, the government has made the environment for survival and resourcefulness hard for the youths to survive.
“They are now hungry, find it hard to put food on their table in spite of their struggles. They cannot sleep with their two eyes closed because of attacks from herdsmen and bandits, the insecurity and killings is at it’s highest level in the country.”
Gujungu, noted that while the ordinary youths in the country work day and night to Irk out a living, the Presidents children and those in government are only waiting for the taxes of the poor man and the oil money for them to live a life of opulence and extravagance.
“It is on record that Nigerian youths are some of the most hard working lot all over the world, but because successive administrations including the present one failed to create the enabling environment for our people to thrive, our youths had no option but to move out of the country and look for where the environment is fertile for them to carve out a living for themselves.
“It is on record that Nigerian youths constitute a very high percentage of practicing Doctors and Nurses in the United States of America, United Kingdom and many parts of the world, has this government asked itself why the youths prefer to move abroad instead of practicing at home.
“Has this government tried to find solution to the brain drain in the country? Are the youths the ones to come and equip the hospitals like the Aso Rock clinic that the Presidents wife complained about that did not even have panadol.
“Our youths are daily been brutalized in  Libya or on their way there in search of greener pastures because the president and his contemporaries have destroyed the fabric of the country.” He added.
He stated that, President Buhari and his contemporaries got free education across the country even with other juicy incentives, adding, “today what is the price of education, but even with that has this government taken a look at the number of young Nigerians that applied for JAMB on a yearly basis and how many the current carrying capacity of high institutions in the country can admit?
“Can the remaining ones that cannot get admission be described as people that do not want to go to school.  Or the ones that their parents have lost their jobs through the actions and inactions of government and cannot afford the exorbitant cost of education in Nigeria be described as only waiting for freebies from government. Should the youths build schools for themselves before the government will know that they are hardworking?”
Gujungu, therefore, urged all the youths across the country to dust their PVCs and those who have not gotten theirs should do so as a challenge has been thrown at them, saying, “it is time for the youths to show their worth as they have always been doing. The president will definitely hear from us at the polls in 2019. God bless Nigeria and its future leaders.”


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