Kwankwaso speaks on ‘failed’ alliance with Labour Party at Chatham House

The presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Rabiu Kwankwaso, has explained why the hopeful alliance between his party and the Labour Party (LP) failed.

Speaking at Chatham House on Wednesday in London, Mr Kwankwaso said the much-talked-about alliance did not work because the LP did not see the reason to work with him.

Last year, both the NNPP and the LP hinted at a possible alliance for the coming general election.

Many believed the alliance between Mr Kwankwaso, who has a large followership known as ‘Kwankwasiyya’ in the northern part of the country and Mr Obi who commands a large following of young people, especially in the south, would be a game changer in the coming election often dominated by two parties.

“Let me say that I was one of those initially wanting to work together with the labour party,” he said.

“But unfortunately at that time, the Labour Party was under very serious media hype and therefore, they could not see (the) reason.”

When asked if he would be willing to withdraw his ambition to support the LP’s candidate, Mr Kwankwaso said it was not an option as he believed he is more qualified than all other candidates contesting in the election.

“What I told them is what I will tell you. If anybody wants Kwankwaso to withdraw, just bring criteria and select the best. Anytime I have a better candidate, I am ready to talk to him,” he said.

Boasting over 30 years of experience in the civil service, the NNPP presidential candidate claimed that his party is the one growing in Nigeria, describing the LP’s media buzz as a bubble.

“I want to say that our party NNPP is the only growing party in Nigeria today. We have seen the maximum of any party, especially the Labour Party,” he said.

“To us, (Labour Party) it’s like Andrew Liver Salt that just do prrrrr (fizzled out) and now it’s just coming down. That’s the reality of it.”

He insisted that the NNPP is successful in locking down votes and support in the northern part of the country and is currently working and gaining more support from the south.

“For us, the difference between North and South is that North knows us more than the southern part of the country.”


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