Kaduna Gov’t Reduces Bank Accounts to 110 Against 450 to Block leakages

Kaduna Gov’t Reduces Bank Accounts to 110 Against 450 to Block leakages

By Alex Uangbaoje

As part of measure to cut financial leakages and wastages and ensure they remain blocked, Kaduna State government said she now operates 110 accounts as against the 450 accounts being operated by previous administrations in the state.


This was disclosed by Finance Commissioner Alhaji Suleiman Abdul-Kwari has disclosed.

Alhaji Suleiman made the disclosure during a press briefing as part of activities preparatory to the one year in office of the Governor Nasir El-rufai’s led administration, also disclosed that the present government met a lot of challenges and decay in the way and manner previous administration governed the state.

He said, with the introduction of the Treasury Single Accounts (TSA) over 450 accounts of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of the state were closed down, “now only 110 accounts is being operated in the state to cater for MDAs, while leakages and wastages with such accounts removed.”

The Commissioner also disclosed that there is prohibition of cash receipts in the state  ‎which according to him has been a major source of cash diversion in time past.

“As part of revenue drive in the state, there is a no cash collection policy ‎in place, as all cash are expected to be paid into the bank and receipts of such payment tendered as evidence.

“This government met a debt profile of about 70 billion naira as a result of mismanagement of funds”.

Towards this end, the government is going to go after all those who have looted the state in time past, whether small or big.

” the governor has already given office accommodation for the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) in Kaduna, the government will go after both the big and small who have looted the state funds in whatever form.”

Abdul-Kwari reiterated, we are tackling wastages and leakages through removal of ghost workers thereby saving the state over 1.1 billion naira yearly which hitherto used to be paid to ghost workers.

‎On the savings within the past one year, he also disclosed that another 1.1 billion naira has also been saved from road construction project renegotiation from 3.5 billion naira to 2.4 billion naira.


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