KADMAM Lauds Kaduna State, as Government acquires N2.9bn hospital equipment

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna 

Following series of advocacies by the Kaduna Maternal Accountability Mechanism (KADMAM), and other stakeholders for an improved healthcare delivery system in Kaduna, the state government on Wednesday delivered N2.9bn worth of hospital equipments for Primary Health Care facilities in the State.

The mechanism, through the Ag Co-chair, Isah Gidado, during the delivery, noted that the equipments is a boost to the government efforts at revamping the health sector.

He commended the Government for the stride, noting that, the project was a product of advocacy by the civil society organizations in the state.

Gidado tasked members of the benefiting communities, not to only protect the equipment when deployed to the PHCs, but make proper use of them for the betterment of maternal and child healthcare.

The equipments will be distributed to the 290 PHC facilities across the 255 wards in the State.

The State Commissioner of Health, Dr. Amina Mohammed-Baloni, while taking delivery of the equipments, revealed that the state had also employed over 2,000 medical staff to complement the acquired equipment at the PHCs.

The Commissioner said in the state government efforts to take healthcare closer to the people, is also building 255 clinics in addition to the focal Primary Health Centers (PHCs).

According to Her, “We are here to receive the equipment that Kaduna State Government bought for all the 255 focal PHCs in the state; as you know, we have 255 wards and in line with the implementation of the policy of Primary Healthcare Under One Roof, we have embarked on renovations, upgrades and now equipment of facilities. 

“In addition to that, we have employed over 2,000 staff to make sure that, these facilities are fully functional for 24hours.

“These equipment was bought since last year at the value of about N2.9billion, for each of the facilities to be fully equipped and staff for services to be rendered the whole day.”

“These equipment are not just for the 255 PHCs, but for 290. We have 255 focal PHCs in our 255 wards in the state, but there some wards that are very big and we have added additional PHCs, which are being built, some have been completed. So, they are 290 all together and we have purchased these equipment for all of them.

“We are also building 255 clinics in addition to the PHCs, so as to improve access to care.

“Some of the major equipment that we have here include bed furniture, examination couch, hospital bed and mattresses, stainless steel drip stand, stools, Ward screen. We have lab instrument, which includes the microscope, different instruments to be used in the labour ward and in the open ward, baby warmer among others. So, it’s a whole range of all the equipments that you need to have a fully functional facility. 

“This is a major achievement. We have been concentrating on infrastructure and you have to have the equipment, as well as the staff. You have to have the equipment as well as the staff. So, we have done the infrastructure, we have done staffing and this is the equipment best, they complement each other. 

“We have put measures in place to ensure that the equipment are properly distributed, and put to use for the people,” she added.


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