Justice Beatrice Arrest: Diaspora Group Accuses Gombe Governor of Suppressing Minority Tribes

By Habila Victor, Gombe

A group known as Tangale People Overseas has lamblasted Governor Yahaya Inuwa of Gombe State for mistreating Justice Beatrice Iliya, who was recently accused of connection with the recent crisis in Billiri Community.

The group described such accusation as an act by the Governor and Fulani conquest movement, to suppress minority tribes in the state and central Nigeria.

The Tangale group, in a statement by its General Secretary, Lamela Umaru Lakorok, expressed mentioned that the linking of Justice Beatrice to the Billiri crisis by the DSS is a shameless, criminal act unworthy of the office, saying there is no evidence relegating her esteemed position to the low standard of instigating violence.

According to the statement; “We had said that Gov. Inuwa’s mistreatment of Justice Beatrice was an open assault on the Tangale minority people group by the We now know that the DSS has invented a path to connect Justice Beatrice with the recent crisis in Billiri concocted by the governor. The letter to the Gombe State Judicial Service Commission entitled, “Concerns over the Activities of Senior Judicial Officer: Justice Beatrice Iliya (F)” is filled with blatant lies and misinformation”.

“On account of the letter, the National Judiciary Council (NJC) removed her name from consideration for the position of Chief Justice. Yet, none of the accusations was substantiated”.

The statement further reads “Accusing her of being a member of the Tangale Community Development Association (TCDA) is tantamount to accusing her of being a Tangale woman. The TCDA is a registered entity in Nigeria, and every prominent Tangale person is associated with it. To see the DSS accuse her of being a supporter of TCDA is a joke, as the name of the DSS secretary, “Joke,” implies. But then, they work for Gov. Inuwa; what could be worse? As well, the TCDA expects to hear the charges against it by the DSS. We now call on the Gombe Judicial Service Commission to remember the ploy against Justice Beatrice was started long before the Mai Tangle stool debacle”.

They expressed dismay over Justice Pindiga emerging as a clean candidate despite having several accusations against him, along with Justice Awak.

They said DSS must defend every point in their accusatory report before the Commission, stressing that the accusation of the DSS begs the question; “why would Justice Beatrice want to incite any ill will towards the state when it was supposedly considering her for the position of Chief Justice?”.

“The irony of injustice in the ranks of those saddled with the task of ensuring justice is not lost to us”, the group said.

The protest was in support of the legitimate winner of the selection process, Dr. Musa Idris Maiyamba. Her support of the protest would be counterproductive since it was not in her best interest, but worse, instigating violence would be against her character and impeccable record. Therefore, the accusation by the DSS in writing is not only a character assassination but also horrendous, and the DSS must apologize for such childish behavior on its part. The bottom line is that Gov. Inuwa has done everything possible to frustrate her career as a female Justice from Tangale.

“We had noted the involvement of the Hausa program of the Voice of Nigeria (VON) in the Billiri crisis when its staff interviewed a person purported to be involved in planning the violence that took place. We have yet to see the VON publicly distance itself from the reporter. We, therefore, conclude that the VON has deemed the report to be accurate and worthy of its standards. Consequently, the VON should and will be held responsible for the contents of the purported interview with one “Ben” from Billiri.

“We had mentioned above that it appears that some members of the media avail themselves as propaganda tools of Gov. Yahaya. This week, we heard a report from a Gombe media Hausa broadcast, where the reporter (Babayo Hashidu) read names of individuals being accused before the court of instigating the violence. Those who have been released were held for five months without accusation or bail.
“Now, more people are being accused simply because certain family members in Billiri have chosen them as the next set of victims for torture. The accused are deemed guilty before they appear in court. We applaud the reporter for relaying the information to the public; however, we also observe that he mentioned that the release of those falsely accused was done “without delay,” but that is not the case. Five months of being held unjustly does not amount to a lack of delay of justice”, the statement reads.


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