Food Security: NGO to Strengthen Kaduna Journalists Capacity on Reportage

The Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) said it is set to commence implementation of a project to equip some journalists in Kaduna State to understand the concept of Food Security.

Executive Director of AMDF, Mr Iliya Kure in a statement on Tuesday disclosed that the project will be supported by Omni Agrik Specialties Ltd.

The project titled “Strengthening Capacity of Journalists in Kaduna on Reporting Food Security” is aimed at equipping selected journalists to understand the concept of Food Security and to explore the linkages between insecurity and food production.

Kure noted that it will also help in highlighting these threats and its impact and demand drastic action relevant stakeholders, especially the government, which has the responsibility of securing lives and the means of livelihood of its citizens.

He expressed that in Nigeria, farmer-herder attacks have continued to pose a great setback on food production, especially in the middle belt region, coupled with the effects of Boko Haram, banditry and Kidnappings in the North west and North East Regions.

According to him, the fear of being kidnapped, have caused many farmers to desert their farmlands, while some have had their farm produce destroyed by cattle or harvested by bandits.

AMDF lamented that such conditions has resulted in low agricultural output with a resultant effect on food security, adding that it has ripple effect of famine and consequently malnutrition amongst children.

The statement reads; “A recent report by the World Food Programme (WFP) reveals that Nigeria and 22 other countries across the globe would experience acute food insecurity in the last quarter of 2021. The report attributed the imminent acute food insecurity to conflicts, economic repercussions of COVID-19 and climate crises in these countries, which it tagged ‘hunger hotspots’.”

While farmers await interventions from security agencies, government and development partners, AMDF reminded the media on its important role in amplifying these issues and continue to draw attention of relevant stakeholders to the risks faced by large and small-scale farmers and what it portends for food security and economic growth in the near future.

The organization revealed that during the 6-month implementation period, it will engage some Kaduna-based journalists and avail them with useful resources that will lead to increase in awareness amongst policy makers and the general public, premising that when people are enlightened on food insecurity and the danger that looms, they will be able to take decisions at their levels and contribute towards managing the situation.


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