Depression, Drug Abuse, Mental Disorder Major Causes of Suicide – Expert

By Hauwa Negedu, Kaduna

A mental health expert, Dr Tajudeen Abiola, of the Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital, Kaduna, has identified depression, drug abuse and addiction, mental disorder and stress as some of the major causes of suicide in Nigeria.

Dr. Tajudeen, who disclosed that 9 out of 10 persons who lost their lives due to suicide suffered a mental illness, said this in Kaduna on Tuesday, at a seminar on “Prevention of Suicide Among Adolescents and Adults” organized by the Nigerian Union of Journalists Chapel of New Nigeria Newspaper.

According to him, “depression, drug abuse and addiction, and mental disorder are some of the causes of suicide acts in adolescents and adults.”

Dr Tajudeen therefore advised that adolescents and youths be sensitized on the proper and good way of using technology, and the right way to address the issue of depression.

He said if adolescents and youths should learn how to react to situations, it will help in reducing their chances of being prone to depression.

“Adolescents and youths need to learn and understand how individuals should react to situations. They should try not to blame others for what they are responsible for, neither should they concentrate too much on negative situations.” The expert added.

Earlier in his address, Acting Managing Director of New Nigerian Newspapers Limited, Mallam Yusuf Musa, urged government at all levels, parents and other stakeholders to brace up and fight the menace of suicide acts in our society.

The Managing Director stated that, the seminar is quite timely and well fashioned out based on the current happenings in the country, as the present security challenges that bedevilled the nation and other vices tearing the face of the society, calls for all concerted efforts to tackle.

“Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death, or ending one’s own life, mostly as a result of depression or other mental illnesses. All these are done without recourse to the tenets of religion that abhorred taking one’s life and the nation’s constitution, which also kick against it.” He explained.

He also stated that “suicide” is a word that used to be alien to our country, but has become very common with the advent of internet and other technological devices, and has become a source of worry to the leaders worldwide.

He further stated that, the World Health Organization (WHO) said there are indications that for each adult who die by suicide, there may have been more than 20 others attempting suicide.
It is also said that close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year which approximately is, one person every 40 seconds.

According to him, people often feel uncomfortable to hear of suicide incidents being perpetrated by youths and adults. And, what really comes to mind is; what could be responsible for this?

He said one has to beam its search light to find out what could be the responsible for all of these, how to go about its prevention and possible solutions.

“Findings revealed that perfectionism, depression, mental health disorder and substance abuse are some of the identified causes of suicide acts.

“One with mental disorder must be thoroughly monitored to avoid committing such act, and parents should sit up and be responsible to their responsibilities by checkmating their wards to know the type or kind of group their wards belong or associated with.” He added


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