Covid-9: God’s Anger Against Humanity – SAN Declares

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Yunus Ustaz, SAN, Leader of the Kaduna State branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), has declared that the outbreak of the novel corona virus was as result of God’s anger against humanity.

Ustaz, who spoke at the opening the NBA, Law Week in Kaduna, said the reason the world is yet to find cure for Covid-19 is because they are looking out God for solution, adding that the whole world must return to God and ask for his forgiveness for there to be cure.

“I strongly believed that Covid-19 is as a result of God’s anger that is why there is no cure, let us go back to God for the cure. How do explain what is happening in the world today, man having sex with man, women having sex with women and human having sex with animals.

“I sincerely believe, as it is usual to my dreams, that all these things happening to Nigeria is as a result of God’s anger with us. God is angry with us angry with and until we return to him and ask for his forgiveness, the solution might be difficult”. The SAN said.

He noted that the Kaduna branch of the NBA, is the first to commemorate the law week in the Covid19 era, commending the organising committee for putting the week, saying “I sincerely congratulate the chairman and the officials of this great Association for being able to hold the law week at this critical time of our national history.”

He warns that no law firm should sack any of its as a result of the pandemic, saying, “any law firm that sacks lawyer as a result of the lockdown is committing a great sin against God and against its own conscience because it is not the lawyers who cause the lockdown. This is the time to properly be our brother’s keeper. If you are rich only for yourself and your family and you can sleep while your neighbours are hungry then you are really poor. The most miserable person is a man or woman who does not use his or her wealth to advance the happiness of the less privileged.”

On his part, Chief Justice of Kaduna State, Justice Muhammed Lawal, while declaring the week open, commended the NBA for organizing the law week despite the pandemic.

He said though the pandemic has ravaged the whole world the way no one could ever thought of, but that it also brought good things into the judicial system by making it to appreciate the “e-ways” of doing things.

According to him, the State judicial system now have all it takes to run an e-judiciary, as almost every tools and equipment need are already installed and that about 30 smart televisions are now being expected for the takeoff.

His only concern according to him is that serious aspects of the court; like sentence, taken of evidences, witnesses etc should not be subjected to electric procedures, adding “we should be a little careful”.

In his opening remarks, Chairman NBA Kaduna Branch, Samson Audu, Esq, noted that, the current development and economic realities of Nigeria, particularly the legal profession make it imperative for the NBA to examine the legal practice and economic development and the sustenance. 

“It is not gainsaying that all is not well with Legal Profession. We are facing all kinds of threats, including stiff

external competition in an increasingly globalised world. We are confronted

with new frontier of knowledge and technology that are continually reshaping the world and the way to do things. 

“Our story today is about Covid 19, insecurity that has brought about palpable fear, a bad economy that has resulted in severe hunger, increase in human right violations, disregard for the rule of law and abuse of power. It is therefore imperative to do whatever is necessary to adapt to the dictates of modernity. 

“The Law Week, therefore provide us the opportunity to equip ourselves with the requisite knowledge and skills to face

whatever the future holds. It is against this background that we have chosen the Law Week theme; “THE LEGAL PRACTICE: CHANGING TIMES,



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