Arewa Youths, Accuses Justice Tanko of Allocating “Fictitious Votes” to Senator Uzodima

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna

A coalition of Youth Groups in Northern part of Nigeria, has accused Justice Tanko Muhammad, the Chief Justice of the Federation of subverting the will of the people of Imo State, by allocating what the called “fictitious votes” to Senator Hope Uzodima.

Comr. Isah Abubakar, President, Northern Youth Council Of Nigeria and Desmond Minakaro, Clerk of Arewa Youth Assembly, who laid the accusation on Monday in Kaduna at a press conference, said “the allocation of fictitious votes by the Supreme court as seen in the judgement delivered in the case of Imo which propelled Senator Hope Uzodima to the Governorship position is not only a broad daylight robbery of mandate but also a situation that is aimed at taking this country to a headlong plunge to a dangerous precipice especially in a volatile Nigeria where things are dangerously getting out of hand.”

According to them, “as concerned Arewa Youth, we are utterly disgusted and equally angered that Justice Tanko will pander to the will of unscrupulous elements in order to achieve personal gains through power control thereby making mockery of the legal profession.

“It is disheartening to state that these atrocious democratic hijack are perpetrated by some northern elements in cohort with the Chief Justice of the Federation Justice Tanko Mahmud.

“We the Arewa Youth of this country have every reason to believe that the Supreme Court under the leadership of the Honourable Justice Tanko is highly compromised and will never dispense appropriate justice as evidenced by the evil manipulations there without recourse to the dangers posed to the common man.

“The machinations employed by the Justice Tanko led supreme court has made mincemeat of the legal profession in this country and in the eye of the international community and this goes a long way to proof that this is the highest point of anti democratic display that will never be allowed to fester.

“Justice Tanko who is from the north is sending wrong signal about those elders and some of us in the north who crave to have a solidified Democracy that will guarantee our future.

“The current attitude of such judicial brigandage is a testament to the fact that Former Supreme Court Justice Walter Onoghen was edged out in order to achieve the travesty of justice that is being perpetrated by his successor Justice Tanko.

“We the Arewa youth have watched with utter dismay how tactical maneuvers are being used to arrived at unanimous decisions in the supreme court even when it is evidently clear that such decisions are wrong and intended to cause disaffection amongst the people.

“We have noted also that the perpetrators of this miscarriage of justice as led by Justice Tanko don’t care if such wrong judgements will impact negatively on the people so long as their selfish interests are met.”

They thereby distance themselves from some Northerners they described as “retrogressive elements who are clearly fanning the embers of disunity and have also hijacked the judiciary which is a terrible disposition.

“We want to believe that if we remain silent in the face of these bestial rape of the will of the people , the trend is likely to continue in the case of the remaining cases of the states This will be resisted and never allowed to happen.

“We will not fold our arms and watch a few people take advantage of their certain proximity to power use it to influence court victories where electorates will be at their receiving end.

“The time to speak up is now. And we have risen with one voice to challenge this action that is capable of dividing the already volatile Nigeria which at the moment is like a boiling cauldron.”

“The Northern Youth of this country will no longer tolerate or support those elders of the Northern extraction who bring shame to the region by soiling their hands with actions detrimental to the will of the collective sense of the people of this country.

“Nigeria is bigger that any individual, party or creed and as such we the youth of this country owe it a duty to safeguard our future by demanding for what is right to be done.

“We have extended our calls to the international community and all lovers of democracy worldwide to beam their lights on the happenings regarding the connivance by supreme court and political gladiators who are working tirelessly to plunge our country into total chaos thereby disrupting peace through wresting power from those who were freely given by the power of voters.” They added.


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