Angry youths attack Buhari’s convoy in Kano

Despite heavy security presence mounted on the routes leading to project inauguration sites by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), some angry Kano youths dared the security presence by openly attacking Buhari’s Chopper hovering above them.

The majority of the youths were seen running helter-skelter.

There was a fierce battle between the irate youths and security operatives, who kept on their toes to ensure sanity on the routes leading to the sites for the inauguration of the projects on Ahmadu Bello Way.

Besides Hotoro and a few other venues, Buhari flew aboard his Chopper to the Emir’s palace, where he paid homage to Emir Aminu Ado Bayero before driving in a convoy to commission Galaxy Backbone Limited Project, during which there were minor skirmishes with the youths, who were hauling stones of various sizes from a distance, to avoid being caught by heavily armed security operatives providing security for the President and his convoy.

The President’s Chopper was parked at the Emir’s palace, from where he proceeded to Kumbotso LGA to unveil the 10 megawatts solar power project.

The President’s trip to Kumbotso did not record any attack by any mob, as he was sandwiched by security operatives, comprising heavily armed soldiers aboard a motorised Toyota Hilux and supported by armed mobile police special forces.



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