8-year old Girl Kidnappeded, Murdered by Neighbor in Zaria

Barely 48 hours Nigerians from all walks of life united to condemn the killing of young Hanifa in Kano, residents in Zaria,  Kaduna state were thrown into confusion when the story the story of an eight-year -old  girl, Asma’u, was Kidnapped and murdered broke out.

The innocent girl had been in captivity for over a month, according to locals.

They said “the incident was alleged to have been perpetrated by one Kabir, neighbour to the father of Asmau, Alhaji Shuaibu Wa’alamu.”

A post by one Musa Ahmed shared by Hausa Fulanii on Instagram hinted that the young lady was abducted while on her way to buy a recharge card.

The post claimed ransom of N3 million was demanded and paid by the family but later, the girl was killed by her abductor.

In the online post, it was written  thus: “My friend’s daughter, an 8yrs old girl had been kidnapped on her way to buy a recharge card in our neighborhood.

“She was for the past 42 days with her abductors who demanded the sum of N3m which was given to them, but sadly killed the girl eventually.

”It was said that, perhaps the girl recognized her abductor whom happens to be residing close to their house, in fact, she was playing with his kids almost everyday.

“They called her father yesterday demanding for additional money which he obliged and sent someone with the money.

“In the event of waiting for them, the guy was so furious coz of the cool weather at night, he called the father and informed him he hasn’t seen anyone yet. Then, the father called the number and asked them to tell him the truth if they have killed the girl.

“lo and behold, they said, they have killed and buried her in a shallow grave, 4days ago.

“To cut the story short, the suspect and his family have been arrested yester-night.”

Police is yet to make a statement on the matter.


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