“‎PDP Governors Are Debris of a Cancerous Era‎”‎ – Shehu Sani

“‎PDP Governors Are Debris of a Cancerous Era‎”‎ – Shehu Sani




In response to the allegation by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  governors that “Nigeria is sliding into a dictatorship” under‎ President Muhammadu Buhari, 
‎Senator Shehu Sani, Senator representing Kaduna Central senatorial zone said “‎PDP Governors are debris of a cancerous era‎”

A statement personally signed by him, said “The Governors lack the moral right to preach the gospel of freedom and democracy;the very people whom before their very eyes security apparatus of the state under Jonathan were systematically and periodically unleashed against Governors and states under the then opposition.‎”

According to him, ‎”The PDP Governor’s submission reflects the desperate screaming of political pirates on a sinking ship.‎

‎”The Governors kept mute when former president  Goodluck Jonathan  security forces denied Governors Amaechi and Oshiomole’s planes from taking off and landing.

‎”Jonathan’s security agencies raided APC data offices in Lagos‎ and GEJ’s security agents lay  siege on Rivers Government house.‎”

‎Shehu Sani accused the governors of serving as Jonathan’s pillars of tyranny, adding “they lacked the liver and the heart to tell Jonathan the truth; they cowardly sang his praises in an obsequies procession until they led their leader and their party over the cliff.‎
“Under Jonathan,the security apparatus of the state became an armed wing of the Ruling party and an instrument of repression and political witch hunting and persecution. 
“PDP Governors rantings are evil echoes from a dark forest.‎”

“‎Nigeria is on a recuperation process as we match further away from the era of political decadence and pestilence which symbolized the PDP years.” ‎

He explained that President Buhari is not a dictator but a leader committed to fumigating the political space from the lethargic   legacies of the PDP.‎

‎Senator Sani agreed that though the PDP Governors have the constitutional right to play the role of an opposition in our democracy, but “we must not in anyway forget the menace they represented just yesterday.‎”

He called on president Buhari to remain focus in his mission to end the inherited culture of wrongly justifying illegality instituted by the PDP‎.

‎Sani urged the PDP Governors to apologize to Nigerians for the paralysis,the tragedy and the human misery their party left behind.‎‎


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