​Unpaid Kaduna Textile Workers Goes Spiritual

 By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna

Unpaid Textile Workers in Kaduna under the aegis of Coalition of Closed Unpaid Textile Workers Association, Kaduna Chapter, Association of Retired Textile Workers and Widows of Textile Workers Association, on Saturday went spiritual over their neglected entitlements, terminal benefits and gratuity by the owners of the companies. 

The Union said the only hope left for them now is God as they Received multiple unfulfilled promises from different administrations. 

They said that they believe that God answers prayers and that their problems will be solved by God through prayers. 

They called on President Muhammadu Buhari to act fast before they all die, arguing that if the president can release money for the payment of New Nigerian Newspapers workers entitlement, there is no reason while there’s should not be paid. 

They said they are praying for the intervention of all stakeholders in the country to save the lives of the over 8000 workers who were displaced by the closure of the textile mills in the state. 

They are also praying that God touches President Buhari to direct the minister of finance to release all necessary money, documents and papers in her possession on the federal government 45% share on Turkish firm, SUR International Textile agreement that is expected to produce Armforces uniforms and other paramilitary uniforms in Kaduna.

And that all textile mills in Kaduna be re-opened to create employment for teaming youths and women will so that reduce crime and criminality in Kaduna state. 

In his speech, President of the association, Comrade Wordam Simdik, called on President Buhari, to keep the promise he made to them during his presidential campaigns and save the Saudana and Northern legacies. 

“We know that President Buhari have good intentions for Nigeria and good policy for textile sector, but he should checkmate the activities of some of his ministers because there are some bad eggs working with him. He added. 

On his part, Secretary of the association, Comrade Gabriel Ishatah, said if the recent agreement with Turkish firm to revive Kaduna textile is commendable, adding, “we pray that both parties will have a permanent agreement which will keep to the terms and speed up all processes. 

“The Federal Government which is the major shareholder in the agreement has key role to see that the company go into production soonest.

“We are appealing to Mr. President to direct the endorsement of the agreement by the appropriate agency and release it own part of the funds if it has not done so.

“We appeal to the Northern Governors Forum, owners of Kaduna Textile Limited (KTL), to as a matter of urgency pay us our terminal benefits and gratuity owed us since the closure in 2012 with no single kobo paid to us after 15years. 

“We have lost over 750 KTL workers and their families have not received their benefits and gratuity. We will continue to pray that this noble agreement to revamp KTL did not fail.

“On NORTEX, and FINE TEX LTD, we are appealing to the Chairman Board of Directors and Management of our company to pay us our calculated terminal benefits and gratuity of N1. 4 billion.

“On Arewa Textiles Limited which was closed down in 2004, we want the disagreement between Union Bank and Arewa Textiles that led to the death of over 430 workers and families be resolved and ensure that our entitlements are paid.

Reacting to their demands, Mallam Aminu Abdullahi, who represented KTL, management, assured the workers that the concern of the management is the ensure that all their entitlements are paid. 

“We are all believers and believe in the powers of prayer. You don’t have any cause to worry, we will make sure that the company is not opened until you are paid. 

“We don’t have to borrow money from anywhere to pay you, the company have enough asset to do that and we are not giving the new owners all the assets, so be rest assured that very soon you will all be paid.” Aminu said. 


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