​Hamattan: Don’t Leave Doors, Windows Open – Expert Advises

Buhari Danboyi, Kaduna

A medical expert with the Barau Dikko Teaching hospital Kaduna, Kaduna state, Dr. Dzong Byat has urged people especially asthmatic patients to keep their doors and  windows close always to avoid dust.

 Dr. Byat, also encouraged  the  use of facial masks, adding that people with respiratory tract diseases like cough and catarrh should seek prompt treatment. 

He said this in his office during an interview with NEWSWEB EXPRESS, on Thursday.

He further urged parents and guardians to use warm water to bath their wards and to always keep their room warm, by  ensuring that that their kids are well protected from the hamattan by properly covering them in thick clothing.

Dr. Byat, further urged people to keep highly inflammable substance out of close reach and avoid setting fire close to residential houses.

“The weather condition in the state has taken a dramatic changed  of recent, from the sunny heat to harmattan and weather forecast has predicted that the weather pattern will continue for some days. Hamattan is characterised by presence of dust of particle-laden wind.

” The particles carried in this wind include dust and viruses and pollen from flowers and plants”. He added.

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