​Gender Equality: V4C, Urges Nigerians to Take Advantage of it’s Resource Hub

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna 

Voices for Change, Nigeria (V4C) programme, has called on Nigerians to take advantage of it’s programme, ‘Gender Hub’s a free online resource that is aimed at strengthening the cadre of gender expertise and its application in Nigeria.

Addressing newsmen at an ‘On Ground meeting for Gender Hub Users in Kaduna on Tuesday, Patience Ekeoba, Research and Evidence Lead/Gender Hub Coordinator V4C, explained that Hub provides a platform for people to share ideas on gender issues in the society. 

According to Ekeoba, the interesting thing about the Hub is is that apart from the free access to all the resources in it, it also allows for free online training courses for participants and at the end of every course certificate is issued help them further their career in promoting gender equality. 

“Everyone need to be part of it because this programme provides an opportunity for us to look at of people who are taking the course and those who are not able complete the course and even about those who have not heard about. 

The hub according to the organisers also promote a ‘culture of evidence’ that builds local capacity to generate and apply evidence on issues relating to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

It Improve the quality of communication, campaigns, decision-making, and action to trigger change in social norms. Enrich the work of networks and coalitions, and build communities of practice and strengthen their understanding of issues relating to the enabling environment.

“The e-learning component is a space where we train people who are interested in improving their knowledge and skills in gender issues and within the last two years we have actually produced three e-learning fantastic courses, the first one is on gender sensitive governance, the second is on gender stereotypes and the third one is on engaging men for gender equality.

 “All of them are talking about issues of gender and how to improve women’s participation, how to programme better for women and girls and of course men and boys, the most current one is actually looking at issues of negative stereotypes that has to do with men, how we can actually improve the way how men think about themselves, about their role and about the roles women and girls in their life can play. 

“While it does not specifically aim to inform the world about gender issues in a Nigerian context, the platform will nonetheless provide a window for outsiders to gain more of a contextualised understanding of the gender dimensions of development in this context.

“The platform primarily promotes the work of others and provide increased access and availability of information on gender issues in Nigeria. In practice this means:

Easier ways for gender experts, researchers and policymakers to interact and, hence, build communities of practice on issues relating to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

“Stronger channels through which V4C, the Government of Nigeria, donors, other development partners and civil society organisations may showcase good practices on issues relating to gender equality.

“Greater opportunities to strengthen capacity of researchers on issues relating to gender equality and the enabling environment – and the capacity of policymakers and civil society to use evidence to inform policy.

“Our intention is that primary users of Gender Hub should include gender experts within and beyond Nigeria including: feminist academics, women’s rights activists, men’s network convenors, researchers, programme staff, girls’ mentors, gender-focal points within Government agencies, project workers, journalists and media workers.” She said. 

Gender Hub is a service developed through the Voices of Change (V4C), and funded by UKAID.


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