​80 Million Nigerians May Become Sickle Cell by 2027 If…..?‎

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna ‎

More than half of Nigeria’s population has been proj‎ected to become carriers of Sickle Cell by 2027, if nothing is done about it. 

This is because over 25% of adults in Nigeria have the trait, and already about 300,000 babies are born with ‎it, while 10,000 infants die of Sickle Cell annually in Nigeria, Sefiyyah Sickle Cell Foundation (SSCF), has revealed. 

Zallah Zamani, Project Coordinator, SSCF, disclosed this in Kaduna on Sunday during a Sickle Cell and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) awareness creation at the Health Week of Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students, Kaduna State University, (KASU)‎.

‎She advised unmarried couples to take necessary precaution like knowing each others genotypes before venturing into marriage to avoid the possibility of giving birth to children with full blown sickle cell disorder. 

“Who you marry, or who you should not get married is based on your genotype compatibility, this guide is the only weapon against sickle cell disorder because it has no cure.

‎”We are only trying to see how to reduce the prevalence rate of Sickle Cell because there is no way we can stop it, that is the reason for the awareness we do. 

“Just less than 15 minutes of your time can ‎save your life from trouble, knowing your genotype solves your problem hundred percent.” she said.

On her part, Dr. Patricia Idoko, Senior Registrar, Department of Family Medicine, 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna, charged the students to adopt every preventive measures and take them serious to avoid Sexually Transmitted Infections. ‎

“To maintain ones sexual and reproductive health, people need to access accurate information, safe, effective, affordable and acceptable contraceptive method of their choice. 

“The must be informed and empowered to protect themselves from sexually‎ transmitted infections, and whenever they decide to have children, women must have access to services that can help them have a fit pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy baby”.   She added.


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