Resume Sales of NNN Property – Retirees, Staff Appeals to Northern Governors

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna

Retirees and staff of New Nigerian Newspapers Limited, has urged the Northern State Governors Forum (NSGF), to resume the process of selling off property of the company to pay working and retired staff under their liability to solve the aged long problem of the company.

The NSGF, had commenced the sales of of the the company property in 2017, but stopped the process when the company’s pensioners went to court to stop the process pending when the Federal Government will commence their payment of their benefits and monthly pension.

Communiqué issued by Staff and Retired workers at the of their congress, signed by acting Chairman, Nicholas Dekera and Ibrahim Adamu the Secretary, acknowledged the commencement of payment of pensioners by the Federal Government, commending FG and NSGF, for their intervention by ensuring final take off of the pension payment.

Congress however frowned at the un-uniformity of the payment as some pensioners were paid less than what they were expecting in view of this development, congress has urged the Federal Government, pension payment Agency and all Authorities concerned to crosscheck their records and ensuring that necessary amendments are made to correct figures and ensure no pensioner was short-changed.

According to the communique, “in order to fast track the process of having Governors of Nineteen Northern States to resume the process of liquidating assets of the company in order to pay staff their entitlements, congress has constituted a seven member committee to mobilize all resources together by meeting and finding the way forward and best option towards actualizing the ultimate goals of staff getting their entitlements from the Northern State governors.

“Congress has also urged staff of the company particularly beneficiaries of the FG pension to contribute financially towards the cause of the struggle to get staff their entitlements from the Northern states Governors.

“Congress has again noted with sadness the loss of several of its members who have succumbed to life threatening aliments due to lack of medical care as a result of non-payment of salaries.”


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