Kidnappers Device New Method of Snatching Children.

Edited by Sam Otitolaye

Kidnappers have devised a new way of snatching from their schools . A statement from Police Children School, Minna said that in the new device a man and a woman will pretend as if they are taking their children to school.

They will put their so called fake wards with a particular school uniform. This uniform must be the same with that of the school that is along their route.

If they are fortunate to see parents without car waiting for lift, they will stop and tell the parents that they should not worry going with them with a promise to drop their children.

From there they will take them to unknown place for rituals or for ransom. So parents be careful. The statement urged teachers to circulate the information to parents for the sake of the innocent childr

Frm Police Children School, Minna


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