2019: Ashiru Charges Kaduna People to Stand against Intimidation, Votes Snatching

The 2019 Kaduna state gubernatorial candidate of the PDP, Hon.Isah Ashiru on Wednesday charged his supporters in Jaba Local Government Area (LGA) against being cowed through intimidation, bribery, or other untold activities from any rival party into submitting their votes to manipulation and outright rigging.

Ashiru, who was adressing a huge crowd during his campaign rally in Koi, Jaba LGA, said that the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in state, has nothing more to offer to Jaba LGA and the entire Kaduna State.
He said: “I heard them saying that even if you vote the PDP, that your votes will not matter, because in the end, your votes will be annulled,” he said, “let me tell what they are trying to achieve by that kind of propaganda.The APC has nothing more to offer.

“They want to send fear and doubts in your minds so that you will not come out and cast your votes to achieve the change that will improve the wellbeing of our people from the terrible leadership kaduna state and Nigeria has witnessed under the APC,” he told the crowd.

“Don’t be intimidated; let your spirit be high; victory is at hand because even our rivals can see and feel it loud and hard,” told the crowd who responded with cheers.

“The solution to that game of the mind against you is simple,” he went on, “come out en mass, vote, watch your votes, ensured it is well counted, get decumented evidence and escort your votes to the next collating centre.

“The PDP has no money to bribe you for votes,” he said, “our blue print for taking out Kaduna state from this bad situation and the people behind this plans is enough incentives,” he said.

His running mate, Hon. Sunday Marshall Katung, who also addressed the mammoth gathering said: “the APC is now chasing you with what is called, ‘Trade Money,’ ” he said.

“That thing is ‘bribe money.’ It is out of fake love and fake concern to the suffering they have caused you since they came to power.

“Be weary of anyone who snubbs you in the daytime, then comes in the night with a gift professing love because you have something to offer him,” he said.

Kaduna State Chairman of the PDP, Chief Felix Hassan Hyat, told the rally that he was proud with the way Jaba LGA defended their votes in the last Local Government Council polls.

He said that the APC could not rig the election, so they declared it as ‘inconclusive’ and appointed a caretaker committee to run Jaba LGA.

“The PDP has no doubt that Jaba LGA will give the PDP all its votes and defend the votes,” he said.

Various dignitaries took turn to speak, including the immidiate past Deputy Governor of Kaduna state, Ambassador Nuhu Bajoga; former Chairman, Reps Committee on Sport, Hon. Godfrey Gaiya, who are all natives of Jaba LGA.

The rally continues today with Sanga and Kaura LGA of Kaduna State.

Southern Kaduna, under which Jaba, Sanga and Kaura falls under, is traditionally PDP since the inception of democracy in 1999.


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